One of the fundamental objectives of this practice is to provide an environment where people of above average ability can train to qualify as chartered accountants.

Because we are a smaller practice with high retention, positions do not often become available.

The programs that support the training of accountants are:

  • Weekly in house training sessions;
  • Quarterly tax training days;
  • Attendance at national affiliate Bentleys two day conference after a qualifying period;
  • Generous study leave provision;
  • Bentleys national CA Program support if required;
  • Partner supervision and assistance.

The work environment encompasses the following:

  • Challenging work in a learning context;
  • Pleasant work conditions in an harmonious team setting;
  • Development of interpersonal skills;
  • Up to date technology and systems;
  • Weekly training schedule;
  • Access to senior and well qualified people for support.

Attributes we look for in our people:

  • Candour and probity;
  • Motivation to achieve;
  • Adherence to high standards of social responsibility;
  • A strong sense of commitment and loyalty;
  • A commitment to attaining superior standards of competence;
  • The ability to think creatively;
  • The ability to practically apply theory;
  • An optimistic attitude.


  • A very good higher school certificate result;
  • Eligibility for admission to an accounting course of study recognised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for admission;
  • If commenced a course of study, very good course results;
  • Be computer literate or willing to become computer literate;


  • A letter outlining your current situation and your interest in pursuing an accounting career;
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae;
  • A copy of your HSC results and ATER score and if you have commenced a course your academic transcript;
  • Referees contact information.

Apply by email to

Or send a written application to Stephen Maher PO Box 516 TAMWORTH NSW 2340